Woman Smiling Sitting Next to PackAways Boxes

It’s more than a box.

It’s a storage solution.

Classic PackAways

Classic PackAways Reusable Boxes - Blue
Classic PackAways Reusable Boxes - Green
Classic PackAways Reusable Boxes - Pink
Classic PackAways Reusable Boxes - Natural
Classic PackAways Reusable Boxes - Blue

12, 16 and 21 Gallons
Starting at $10.59 each

Tote Boxes

Reusable Tote Box - Blue
Reusable Tote Box - Green
Reusable Tote Box - Pink
Reusable Tote Box - Natural
Reusable Tote Box - Blue

18” x 13” x 11 3/8”
Starting at $10.81 each

Under Bed Boxes

Reusable Under Bed Box - Blue
Reusable Under Bed Box - Green
Reusable Under Bed Box - Pink
Reusable Under Bed Box - Natural
Reusable Under Bed Box - Blue

36” x 24” x 6”
Starting at $18.35 each

PackAways are reusable, durable and versatile.

Made of heavy-duty corrugated plastic, our collapsible Classic, Tote and Under Bed reusable storage boxes are lightweight and water-resistant. PackAways have a unique wipe-away end panel, so you can label and then erase. With bright colors, a variety of sizes, and so many possible uses, organization has never looked so good!

Corrugated plastic protects from water and humidity

Instant setup—no tape required

Reuse hundreds of times

Easy to open and collapse flat

Unique wipe-away panels

Common footprint that stacks neatly