Why PackAways?

Because you prefer an organized home or possibly are moving between locations, PackAways™ reusable plastic storage boxes are the perfect solution.

PackAways - All Sizes and Colors - Made in the USA
Collapsible, Out of the Way Storage

PackAways are the only corrugated plastic storage boxes that easily collapse down flat for efficient, out of the way storage when not in use.

Easy, No Tape Setup

Simply press opposing corners together to instantly set up your PackAways. The bottom of the box automatically folds into place. The top interlocks to close, then can be opened and closed again and again. No more taping yourself to your storage!

Wipe Away Marking Panels

PackAways have two marking areas for identification of contents. When you are ready to reuse for another purpose, or if you misspelled your own child’s name, simply erase and re-label.

Color Your World

Further organize your items by color or match your décor with PackAways brilliant Blue, Pink, Green and Translucent corrugated plastic storage boxes.


PackAways are ultra durable and can be erected, filled, stored, emptied and knocked down flat hundreds of times. And trust us…you will!

Common Footprint

Even if you purchase different sizes, the Classic PackAways have the same footprint (length and width), only the height varies in the sizes. So they stack neatly, efficiently and safely on top of one another. No more leaning towers.